Awakening Retreat on Big Island Hawaii

Monday, Oct 14, 2013 at 4:00PM - Sunday, Oct 20, 2013 at 2:00PM
Pahoa, HI
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Event Details

Awaken to Your Limitless Potential!

If you have the Desire to Experience more Creative Freedom, Passion, Understanding, Joy, Abundance and Love than previously thought possible - you're Invited to join Hope Johnson and Tigmonk, plus other facilitators of personal transformation, for a 7 day, 6 night Retreat on The Big Island of Hawaii.

This Retreat includes Accomodations, 3 Healthy, Consciously Prepared Meals Daily with Many Ingredients being Grown in the Retreat Garden, and full access to the Pool, Sauna, Hot Tubs and Beautiful Retreat Grounds!

This Retreat is Designed to Facilitate the Following Transformational Experiences:

- Awaken the Soul (focused awareness) out of the Dream of Suffering, Struggle, Competition and Dis-ease

- Learn Powerful Techniques for Transforming Emotion into Energy you can use to Decipher the Heart's messages and Heal all of your Personal Relationships, Unconscious Patterns of Pain and Energetic Scars from past experiences

- Deepen your Understanding and Certainty that You are Pure Light, having a Physical Experience in a Creative Environment that is Always Evolving

- Discover how you can Tap into the Limitless Resources of Spirit to Effortlessly Create more personal experiences of Freedom, Joy, Love and Abundance - while Being a Powerful Force for Healing the Traumas and Drama's that Weigh Heavily on the Earth and all of her Inhabitants

Included in The Retreat Rate (in addition to lodging, spa & meals):

* 7 Days of Self Exploration in a Beautiful Retreat Setting (www.kalani.com)

* Daily Satsang with Tigmonk (www.tigmonk.com)

* Experiential Activities to Invite Awakening with Hope Johnson (www.thewaytotheway.com)

* Daily Movement and Meditation Practices

* 3 Delicious and Nourishing Meals Daily

* A Fun and Casual Environment

* And More...

Organization Details

The Mission of Spiritual Healing Retreats and Hope Johnson is to facilitate Soul Awakening for those with the Desire to Live with more Freedom, Passion, Understanding, Joy, Abundance, Creativity and Love.

By applying Fundamental Truths on a daily basis, founder Hope Johnson has personally experienced transformation in all aspects of her life including:

- Deeper and More Satisfying Relations with Everything and Everyone, including but not limited to her Husband, Children, Friends, Government, Finances, Computers, Insects and Mother Earth

- Ease and Success with regard to Living on Purpose, Vibrant Health, Healthy Weight, Time as Art, and Creating Form out of her Concepts

- Effortlessness in Making Lifestyle Choices that Offer both Present Moment Enjoyment and Enduring Benefits

- Forgiveness of all Past Wrongs, whether she played the Role of Victim or Perpetrator

- Sensitivity in all the Chakras and Heightened Feeling Awareness throughout the body

- Increased Passion, Compassion, Focus and Will to allow Fulfillment of the Heart's Desires

It is the Fervent Intent of both Spiritual Healing Retreats, LLC and Hope Johnson to Offer Transformational Products, Experiential Events and Living Examples - so that everyOne can Experience what's Possible when they get out of their own way, and let their Limitless Spirit to take over.

Venue Map (from Google Maps)

Kalani Oceanside Retreat
12-6860 Kalapana-Kapoho Beach Road
Pahoa, HI 96778

Starts October 14, 2013 at 4:00PM
Ends October 20, 2013 at 2:00PM

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Contact Information

Organization: Spiritual Healing Retreats, LLC

Event Contact: Hope Johnson

Phone: 808-937-8440

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