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Friday, Sep 06, 2013 at 8:00AM
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HUD GPNA Inspection Course is Going Online After the Date of the
class you have 3 months to complete the training at your own pace. So don't worry if you cant be online September 6Th Register Now And ensure
you have a spot in the system. After registering the HUD inspection
Software will be sent directly to you.

The Cost will be going up $100 After September 1st.


What is the New Green PNA Rule?

Housing Authorities (PHAs) receive over $2 billion each year to develop
and modernize public housing. But until this point, there was no way to
measure the effectiveness of these funds, especially with energy


of this, HUD has released a Green Physical Needs Assessment (GPNA) tool
to assess the life cycle needs of public housing units and buildings.

tool will enable HUD and PHAs to measure the impact of funding and
develop management practices to implement capital towards the most
effective energy efficiency solutions. It is important that PHAs receive
the proper GPNA training to be able to fulfill their HUD obligations.

There are 3,500 housing authorities within the US with about 3.5
million single units. All of these units MUST be inspected within a year
from 7/1/2013 when the new law goes into effect.

This is a
major market for home inspectors. Upon completing our training course
you receive a list of HUD facilities who will be in need of certified
GPNA inspectors. The project is set to begin within 4 months of this law
going into effect as there are not enough inspectors trained to conduct
these inspections.

A typical inspection will consist of 800 –
5,000 units and in most cases you will only have to actually inspect 10%
if all units are built the same But you get paid for 100% of units.
Average time per inspection is 20 minutes per unit. Typical charge is
$55 - $75 per unit. And the inspection has to be repeated again in 5

With the growing number of HUD properties this type of inspection could triple your yearly revenue for the rest of your life.



Green Physical Needs Assessment (GPNA)

8AM to 5PM Both day
Normal Price: $595
Call To Register




What are the HUD Obligations?

  • PNA Submissions to HUD must be done through the new PNA tool
  • PHAs will have one year to submit PNAs and energy audits using the new tool
  • Previous HUD requirements exempted small PHAs. All PHAs must now use the new tool
  • HUD
    data must be fully reviewed, edited, and accurate down to the building
    and unit level detail (before the assessment can be started)
  • The new rule has minimum GPNA Training and qualification requirements
  • The new HUD PNA tool requires using an approved cost index


What You'll Learn

Our two day GPNA training prepares participants to conduct assessments using the new Green PNA tool.

course covers all the requirements needed in order to conduct a proper
GPNA, including: Identifying and prioritizing work to be performed using
Capital Funds, making long-term strategic decisions regarding housing
portfolios, and evaluating decisions on the developmental level.

will learn how to use the GPNA tool to prepare for an assessment,
conduct a PNA, review and revise their data. Inspectors who take this
course will be able to identify the four main Needs Components which
include replacement needs, sustainability needs,
marketability/livability needs, and accessibility needs.

Who and how to market this service.

What's Included?

  • 2 day GPNA Training Course Instructor is a HUD Prime Contractor with experience in performing PNA's.
  • All tools needed to submit, review and edit a GPNA
  • Blank version of the new GPNA tool
  • Overview of approved cost indexes
  • Software delivered instantly after registration for course

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Environmental Solutions Association, Inc. (ESA) is the nation’s premier, membership-based training organization. ESA was formed in 2002 exclusively to provide industry professionals with the quality training and education necessary to confront environmental and safety issues faced by property owners, inspectors, daycare facilities, schools, nursing homes, hospitality, extended care facilities, remediation experts, investment firms, engineers, environmental consultants, property managers and all other related industry personnel.

ESA offers license-renewing continuing educational credits and certifications required by most State and national organizations. We offer professional benefits including: training courses and product discounts, Professional Environmental & Omissions Insurance plus other insurances, photo I.D certifications, marketing programs, referral program, company website page advertising, rental equipment, inspection standards, remediation/restoration protocols and review, plus more. We train students for inspections, assessments and remediation in environmental issues such as: EPA Lead Renovator, EPA Dust Wipe Sampling Technician, Energy Audits, mold, radon, lead, asbestos, allergens, bacteria, MRSA, H1N1, virus’, Legionella, building inspections, VOC, Sick Building Syndrome, Building Related Illness, green building, remediation specifications, environmental consulting, anti-microbial product application recognized by the EPA and USDA, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ASTM 1527-05), Transaction Screen Assessments (ASTM 1528-06), Methamphetamine labs, Indoor Air Quality and more.

ESA has also gained approval from the Veteran Administration for active/inactive military personnel for full reimbursement of course/test cost(s) under the GI Benefits program.

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Starts September 06, 2013 at 8:00AM

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