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ezEvent is a user-friendly, event management site that helps event organizers achieve success and save money. Our simple, step-by-step process allows anyone hosting an event to create a custom event webpage, sell tickets, promote their event, and manage registrations all in one place. Organizers can additionally sell merchandise (like t-shirts or cds), and collect donations and pledge forms. Because our site uses cloud-based technology, anyone can access it anywhere and at any time to buy and sell tickets to events of all kinds. From dance classes to golf tournaments, to concerts and festivals, courses and celebrations, ezEvent makes it happen and helps you every step of the way.

Once an event page is created, organizers can make it shine and share it with the world. Many great feautures can be added to the event to make it truly unique, including: a custom event URL, header image, ticket numbering, and attendee information. The site allows organizers to incorporate email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social networking tools to promote their events. Our widgets also allow organizers to add an event calendar or Buy Tickets button to their website.

We know event organizers have a budget to stick to, so we choose to keep our costs low. It's completely FREE to post your events, and events that don't collect money for anything are always FREE. If you sell tickets for a profit, you pay a small fee of $0.89 per ticket sold plus any applicable credit card processing fees. You can even make some extra money by setting a ticket fee to the customer. See ezEvent's pricing page for more information regarding our costs and buyer payment options.

ezEvent LLC is a sub-division of TicketNetwork Inc., which hosts the leading online marketplace for event tickets around the world. If you are not hosting your own event, but are looking to resell tickets to an established concert, theater, or sports event, click here.

Our Team

The core ezEvent team consists of dedicated individuals with a variety of technical, product development and marketing skills.

  • Don  –  Founder and Product Sponsor

  • Stephanie  –  Product Manager

  • Joe  –  Web Engineer

  • Kate  –  Project Manager

  • Rose  –  Creative Director

  • Kristina  –  CSS Engineer

  • Monica, Vani, Mousumi  –  Quality Control
ezEvent Team